10 reasons to love our recipes!

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At Make Kit we have designed our recipes to help you in the kitchen and give you the ability to eat fresh, healthy food every day without spending too much time or money in the process! So, drum roll please, here's 10 no-brainer reasons to love our recipes:

  1. You’ll never have to measure out your ingredients again! We do that all for you. You can be confident that there's the right combination of flavours and spices for a perfectly made dish, voilà!  
  2. Every recipe has AT LEAST 2 of your 5-a-day. That leaves you only portion to fill for breakfast, a snack and lunch. Come by to collect your recipe kit at our collection point and you'll get a portion of fruit to take away with you. Easy as pie (or maybe, PINEAPPLES)! Read our blog on why we use pineapples as our 5-a-day symbol 🍍.
  3. You save on washing up! We aim to use only 1 pot and 1 pan per dish. You’re welcome :)
  4. There’s no waste! You use every ingredient, better for the purse and the planet.
  5. It's better value for money. You’re not wasting £’s on food you don’t use, plus as the saying goes, time is money. We do the thinking, planning & prepping for giving you back valuable time to fill with friends, family and fun!
  6. Your kids will love them! Budding chef’s and picking eaters alike, we design the recipes to be family friendly and easy for the kids to get involved.
  7. You’ll want to use the recipe again and again. We make sure that they are affordable, easy and quick, so you’ll be adding them to your repertoire and making them your own.
  8. Portion control. We have nutritionally balanced each plate, so you can be confident you’re eating the right diet and quantities. You’ll be beach body ready in no time!
  9. You’ll learn new techniques. Each recipe card highlights chef’s tips, so you can learn about the science behind cooking.
  10. The recipe cards look great as wall art :D Bold, bright and beautiful! Check it out on our office walls!

Take a look at our recipes this week and become a Makekiteer! 

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