Our Recipe Kits Are Created with the Community at the Heart

At Make Kit we want to build a business that has a positive impact on your diet and the diet of others. However, we also want to build a business that welcomes community engagement and brings people from all walks of life together.

Students Volunteering from Ickburgh School    Students Volunteering from Ickburgh School
Richard and Eugene, from Ickburgh School, helping bring the recipe bags to life with our stamps.

We have funded 140 meals to people in need this month through community cooking courses with low-income families in Hackney and through providing hot meals at Hackney Winter Night Shelter. We have 2 awesome Make Kit customers help us at the Winter Night Shelter and we love to be able to connect you with those you are helping.

In our weekly packing sessions, it’s another opportunity for us to build community networks. We have had traveling social entrepreneurs join us who want to share our story, local residents from Hackney, students on summer break and since January this year we have four 6th form student joining us for work experience from local Ickburgh School. Ickburgh provides schooling for children with special educational needs and disabilities. We’re pleased to be able to offer hands-on work experience for these young adults as it can be difficult to find appropriate real-life work experience for them to complete as extra care and attention is needed.

The last few weeks you may have noticed some creative stamping on your bags and boxes, that’s because we’ve have Richard and Eugene helping on getting our boxes stamped and ready to send you! It may not be perfect, but we think it’s extra special knowing that this is providing a fun and safe working environment for the students!

We hope you love them too!

If you'd like to volunteer with us, then get in touch with justine@makekitfood.com.

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