In the Kitchen @ Sebright Children's Centre

Steve teaching a cooking class participant how to cut an onionSteve teaching a cooking class participant onion-cutting skills.

We've had lots of fun delivering a 6 week cooking course at Sebright Children's Centre in Haggerston Park with local Mums and their kids. We've been cooking up a storm using some of our top recipes that really helps to build cooking capability and a range of skills for nutritious, home-cooked food. The menu featured Shakshouka, Pumpkin Crumble, Risotto, Tikka Masala, Kofte Meatballs, Toad in the Hole, Mexican Black Bean Soup and Cornbread on the menu over the course. Plus, we've learnt about how to make healthy versions of cakes and desserts such as, Sweet Potato Brownies, Victoria Sponge, Flapjacks, Banana Bread, Homemade Chocolate and Carrot Cake! 

Our community cooking courses and subsidised meals are at the heart of Make Kit, fulfilling our mission to tackle food poverty, remove the health inequalities around food and provide a nutritious diet for all.

It's great to hear what a different our courses and kits can make: 

"A wonderful and unique workshop that has impacted my family's health in a positive way."

"I love being able to cook new meals and feel that the planning and preparation of meals is not solely my responsibility/ burden!"

"I have learned Making Kit (we love the use of our name as verb!) with Steve which I really liked and enjoyed, he tought us very useful techniques such as, using knives correctly and also provide loads of information about diverse food, dishes, and different ingredients."

A young participant trying out new ingredientsOne of our young participants trying out new ingredients


In numbers, 85% of participants said that the course has increased their confidence in cooking, helped them to cook better and healthier food, and made them more interested in healthier lifestyle choices; 65% said that their family's fruit and vegetable consumption has gone up and that they are more likely to cook fresh food at home and not to rely on takeaways or ready meals; and the average 5 a day count has gone up by 1.7 portions!

We can't wait to start another course in the New Year!

If you would like to run a community cooking course with us to build nutritious and delicious cooking capabilities for lower-income families (parents and children >5 years old) or people with diet-related illness, please get in touch! Email 

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