Make Kit @ Hackney Winter Night Shelter, Sat 24th February

Make Kit is not just about tasty recipe kits that make people's lives easier and tastier. We also want to be genuinely supporting our local community.

We raised some funds from the sale of our Xmas kits to help provide some edible support for the Hackney Winter Night Shelter (HWNS) and spent last Saturday 24th February at St Luke's Church in Homerton cooking up a feast in the kitchen.

Big thanks to Weronika and Jan that came and helped Make Kit out in the kitchen alongside me (Steve) in the kitchen. Lynda, Natalie and Yael were in action Front of House serving our guests.

HWNS provides a hot meal and a warm bed for homeless guests who would otherwise be out on the streets during the coldest Winter months. From November through to March over 700 volunteers help out in the provision of the essentials of food, shelter and community to those in need.

The idea is to not just provide the basics but to really host and serve the guests with consideration and care, to make them feel special. Who knows what hardships they may have faced that have led them to become homeless.

The Night Shelter also provides professional and holistic support to help the guests to rebuild their lives and find a route out of homelessness. 

On the menu:

Rigatoni Marinara with Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables, Feta and Basil Oil
Tofu and Cauliflower Malaysian Rendang Curry with Spiced Rice and Cucumber and Pineapple Salad
Sweet Potato, Peanut and Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Sauce and Ice Cream


Feedback from the front line was "compliments to the chef" so it seems we hit the spot!

If you want to volunteer for Make Kit please get in touch with us at

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