Mango Cashew 'Cheesecake' Recipe

We wanted a special Mother’s Day recipe to celebrate with this weekend, and felt that this Mango Cashew “Cheese”cake is perfect for the occasion. My Mum loves a cheeky slice of cake now and again, and these little guys are quick and easy to make, impressive to look at, and healthy whilst suitably luxurious and indulgent, as a good treat should be. Best of all, you can make them up in advance and then all you have to do to serve is take them out of the fridge!

The “cheese” is made from soaked and blended cashew nuts, combined with coconut milk, and I absolutely love it! The mango brings a natural sweetness which is balanced with the aromatic turmeric and the slight tang from the lime zest.

Serves 4

1           Mango
200g     Cashew nuts (soaked overnight or boiled for 1 hour)
165ml   Coconut Milk
100g     Ginger biscuits
50ml     Coconut oil
1           Lime
1/2 tsp  Ground turmeric
4            Physalis (little yellow fruits)


1) Heat the coconut oil until liquid in a pan on the hob.

2) Blend the ginger biscuits in a food processor, ideally a Vitamix, magimix or a Nutribullet.

Add the liquid coconut oil and mix.

3) Take four good looking glasses, split the mixture between the four glasses and press down using an object with a flat end.

This is your cheesecake base.

Place the glasses on a tray and chill in the fridge until needed.

4) Separate the mango flesh and discard the skin and the stone.

Zest the lime.

5) Blend the cashew nuts with the coconut milk, ground turmeric and the mango flesh until smooth.

6) Take the glasses from the fridge and carefully spoon or pipe the mixture over the bases.

7) Garnish the puddings with a sprinkle of lime zest and a physalis fruit.

Chill in the fridge until ready to serve.


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