First Recipe Kit Cooking Class with Shoreditch Trust Food for Life

We were joined by Shoreditch Trust Food for Life last night to run our first joint cooking class. Local Hackney residents came along to the community centre and were given an introduction to food, nutrition and cooking. People were then paired off to cook up one recipe each and then encouraged to share their knowledge and learnings with the group. When it was all ready, we all then sat down and enjoyed a meal together.

The joy of sitting down and eating new dishes and trying new foods was clear! The halloumi frittata was a big winner and there was lots of love for the Summer veg lasagne and of course the Jerk chicken. Every participant then got a recipe kit to take home and reinforce their learnings before next week’s class.

Food is a great way to bring people together and people joined in the class for a number of reasons, from learning how to cook, getting inspiration for new recipes to doing something social and meeting new people. People found the recipe kits gave them the confidence to cook something well without the fear of it not turning out quite right and that it made they interested in trying new foods.

Classes take place each week on Tuesdays, 6 to 8pm, at Fellows Court Community Centre, Haggerston, E2 8LR. To book a place, contact: or call 020 7033 8529.

Next week's recipes

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