Jack, how about a Make Kit instead of a Beanstalk?

Just like Jack and his Magic Beanstalk we have magic beans at Make Kit that you can use to grow your library of recipe cards and knowledge of fresh home-cooked meals.

For every transaction you make you earn magic beans. When you get a Make Kit, 1 magic bean is earned for every £1 spent. 

Get 100 magic beans and trade them in for 1 Duo Kit. 
For 150 magic beans, you've earnt enough for 1 Family Kit.

You already have 50 magic beans in your pocket when you register an account. Then the more transactions and you do the more beans you earn! 

Tell 2 friends, colleagues, your friendly local bus driver or chatty hairdresser about Make Kit and get them to try a recipe kit and you'll get 100 magic beans, that's enough to trade for one Duo Kit! It's win, win for everyone as they'll get 50% off their first order.

Let's get cooking! 

This week's recipes available in our Current Recipes selection.

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Where to find your magic beans.
On any page on the website click on the 'Earn Loyalty Points' widget to see how many magic beans you already have. Scroll down to get your unique referral code and share with friends and learn how to earn more magic beans. Read our FAQ on how to refer a friend to do this.

Any questions drop us an email to hello@makekitfood.com. 


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