Making the Cut

We have wanted to do videos for our recipes since we started, however, first, we needed recipes!

We now have a library of over 40 recipes and have started to really identify what makes our recipes unique; simplicity, great, everyday ingredients, adding value through the use of spices and inventive mixes and sharing good cooking habits and tips.  

We wanted to develop videos that reflected this and were fun, bright, just like us!

We've only just got the first edit of our Spanish One-Pot Paella, so here's a sneak peek of the first 10 seconds!

Fellows Court Community Centre was turned into a filming studio for the first Make Kit reicpe kit videos.

The community kitchen became a bit of a studio and we had a great time shooting the videos and seeing them come alive on screen. The whole process was actually a lot easier than we thought it may be, partly because we had a great team with @itteshadh and @secretseedsociety join us to help with the hands on cooking, but also because the recipes are already designed to be simple and straightforward! One-pot dishes are the best! We're working on the final edit and will share the result with you soon!

Photo of Steve and Amy who were cooking up recipes for the filming of our first recipe kit video, dressed in their Make Kit aprons.

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