FAQ | Ingredients

What allergens are there in your recipes?
We identify the allergens in our recipe kits upfront on the recipes product page and on our recipe cards. For details of what the 14 allergens are please refer to the following information from the Food Standards Agency

If you are unsure if you are allergic or intolerant to an ingredient that is in one of the recipe kits then please do not purchase the product until you have sought professional advice from your doctor or GP. Any further questions on allergens, please email hello@makekitfood.com. 

Do I need any other ingredients?
In each of our recipes, we highlight the basic cupboard ingredients that we do not provide. This includes butter (or butter alternative) salt and pepper and cooking and olive oil. These ingredients are noted on the ‘You need:’ section on the front of the recipe card. All other ingredients are provided in your Make Kit.

Is Make Kit meat Halal?
All our meat is halal. For any other questions on our ingredients please email hello@makekitfood.com.