Our Story

Make Kit’s mission is to make a healthy, sustainable diet accessible to all.

Make Kit grew off the back of NHS research that identified recipe kits as a solution to overcoming the barriers to a healthy diet by offering convenience and a great way to encourage cooking from scratch that has numerous health benefits.

For us cooking from scratch can be part of your journey to help you connect with your health, the environment, and your community. That's why we've created Make Kit. For every recipe kit, you cook you are making a positive contribution to your health, the health of the environment and the health of others. 

Good-for-you ingredients: each recipe is designed to place vegetables front and centre with every meal having at least 2 of your 5 a day. We also only use wholewheat ingredients and design our dishes to be low in salt, sugar and saturated fats with additives or artificial ingredients. Diets lower in meat and with more vegetables are linked to better overall health and a longer life.

Good-for-the-environment ingredients: each kit helps reduce food waste as your meals are perfectly planned and measured and by reducing your meat consumption you can reduce your CO2 footprint by 5 pounds of carbon dioxide a day! Go veggie and you can save 2 more pounds!

Good-for-the-community ingredients: We are driven by our mission and to achieve this we want to make every purchase count. For every meal, we make a donation to help fund our healthy eating programmes for families in need, making healthy eating accessible to all. As a social enterprise, we also operate with the mindset of giving back encouraging volunteering and by offering work experience for young people and those with learning difficulties. Read more here.


Our Team

Make Kit Co-Founders

Justine Fish | CEO | Founder

"I've spent the last 11 years in London and my passion for food and community started at university with a love of London Farmers Markets. After 6-years in management consulting, I was drawn back to this world and spent one year in various food and social enterprise businesses before bringing my passions and experience together in Make Kit. My other passions in life are music, enjoying time spent with friends and family and learning about different places and cultures through travel and new experiences."

Stephen Wilson | Head of Food | Founder

"I am a chef, sociologist and entrepreneur and have combined all of these passions for my role at Make Kit. I've worked with food most of my life, graduating from making sandwiches at a local cafe at the ripe old age of 14 to founding a cafe and events space called The Russet, then Dalston's, a natural soft drinks company, and a community food surplus kitchen project, The People’s Kitchen. I have developed a wide knowledge base of great flavours and dish as a chef and a vegan cookery teacher that I'm excited to share through our Make Kit recipes. My other passions in life are singing, cycling, community, adventures and basketball."

We are supported by a number of amazing volunteers, our funders and a freelance team of creatives. Thank you to everyone. If you want to get involved, email justine@makekitfood.com.

Our Supporters 

Our supporters and funders