Reducing, reusing and recycling the packaging that we use at Make Kit is important to us.

Our aim is for all of our packaging to be compostable or recycled and recyclable and make sure that we communicate this clearly. We carefully plan the material that is best suited to keeping your produce fresh and protecting it in transport. Where possible we will choose no packaging at all i.e. for hardier root vegetables. The good news is that using recipe kits helps to reduce kitchen wastage, full stop, hoorah!

Brown Kraft Paper Bags

We use recycled kraft paper bags for our recipe kit bags and our smaller ingredients. This is recyclable and home compostable. When mixed in home compost it will help aerate the mix, adds carbon and aids the process of decomposition. 

Food-waste Compostable Bags

The clear bags we use for salad leaves, herbs and some dried ingredients are made from cornstarch. Please put these into your food waste bins for the most effective composting. Do not put into recycling.

Recycled and Recyclable Plastic

Our small, little, medium and large portion pots are made from recycled plastics and can be washed out and put into your mixed recycling to be recycled and used again and again.

Insulated Pouches, Ice Packs, Cardboard Boxes 

All are recyclable. Make sure the water is removed from the ice pack before recycling by piercing and draining in the sink. You can also reuse them. We are working on a solution to return the pouches and packs to us.

Cling Film

We use clingfilm to protect veg and for our small pots that contain liquids, as we need to secure these for transport. We are working on developing an alternative solution. Dispose in general waste.


Our stickers are made from recycled materials and can be recycled.