Make Kit Home-made Pizza Baguette Recipe Kit

Cheataz Pizzas with Sweet Potato Chips

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A quick dish to make with friends or family. You learn the basics of a marinara sauce and you'll be delighted with the simple, fresh flavours of Italian mozzarella and basil. We may be cheating for our pizza bases, but warm, crusty baguette is a delicious and quick alternative to making pizza dough. You'll also be making your own side of sweet potato chips and a peppery rocket salad.

Dinner on the table: 35 mins
Preparation time: 15 mins
Cooking time: 20  mins
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French baguette 
Chopped tomatoes 
Sweet potato
Fresh mozzarella ball 
Garlic cloves

  • Gluten (baguettes)
  • Milk (mozzarella)