Pork Chops with Caulicannon Mash

Pork Chops with Caulicannon Mash

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A classic dish with a Make Kit makeover: healthier, fresher and full of inventive ways to build your cooking skills and get more of your 5-a-day. The caulicannon mash is designed to give you a sneaky helping of extra veg (have you guessed what?) and tastes great with homemade gravy made from the natural juices of the chops. To finish the dish a pan-fried apple works beautifully as a fresh condiment in place of applesauce.

Dinner on the table: 40 mins
Preparation time: 10 mins
Cooking time: 30  mins
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Pork chops
Apples (e.g. braeburns, jonagolds or granny smith)
Savoy cabbage
Low salt chicken stock cube
Wholemeal flour

  • Gluten (wholemeal flour, chicken stock cube)
  • Celery (chicken stock cube)
  • Milk (butter)

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