Vegetarian Spanish Onepot Paella

Vegetarian Spanish Onepot Paella

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Go for a meat free weekday next Tuesday with out veggie chorizo paella. All the great paprika flavours but meat free! The paella rice is cooked up in a stock with the onions, peppers and garden peas. Lemon wedges are then baked into the dish at the end to give the rice a fresh lift before serving. 
Dinner on the table: 40 mins
Preparation time: 10 mins
Cooking time: 30 mins
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Paella rice
Garden peas
Red pepper
Vegetarian Chorizo
Veg stock cube

You need: olive oil, salt and pepper

  • Wheat (vegetarian chorizo)
  • Eggs (vegetarian chorizo)
  • Milk (vegetarian chorizo)

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