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“I’ve learnt new recipes that I can include that into my weekly meals and be more confident.”


These  kits have already gave me a big confidence boost in cooking, so I'm off to order the next ones!


I cooked the Thai curry and it was delish. I am the last person any of my friends or family want to see in the kitchen but this was really simple. The step by step approach and chef tips were great.


Blog posts

Make your Own Cornbread

Make your Own Cornbread

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Our Social Mission

Our Social Mission

Over the last 3 months, we have launched Make Kit to achieve this mission with our recipe kits. Each kit is designed to overcome the barriers to ac...
Try this at home! Our how-to soup and soda bread recipe

Try this at home! Our how-to soup and soda bread recipe

Our Make Kit how-to video will help you along with this recipe, take a look here and get the ingredients and full method below. Give it a go your...

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